Edit this page

Log in to your site, then click Pages > All Pages. Click the page title you see listed above. Edit the content, then click Update.


Edit the excerpt

The excerpt is a summary of this page and may display independently in other parts of your site. After you open this page for editing, scroll down to the Excerpt box. Edit the text, then scroll up and click Update.


Set the Featured Image

On the right side of the page edit screen, click Remove featured image. Then click Set Featured Image. Select an image from your computer or the Media Library.


Edit the title

Above the content editor, enter a new title and click Update.


Edit the permalink

Underneath the title field, click Edit next to the Permalink. Enter a new permalink, then click OK.


Edit the navigation menu

To change how this page is listed in the navigation menu, click Appearance > Menus. Select the Primary menu, then add, remove, or edit the pages listed there.


Add or remove user profiles

Click Appearance > Customize > People Page > People Page Content. Then select which users and which user profile fields to display. Then click Publish.